Understanding the dynamics of reputation and gossip

I am interested in identifying the conditions under which reputation and gossip might support or hamper cooperation in different settings. I am especially interested in social sustainability and in the mechanisms promoting it.


Who I am

I grew up in a small town in Central Italy (L’Aquila, in the picture above), one of those places in which most people are somehow related and where complete anonymity is almost an illusion. I went to Siena for my graduate and post graduate studies, and also there I ended up being part of a small and very close-knit community of students coming from everywhere in Italy. Growing up in this kind of environment could explain why, as a social scientist, I am so interested in understanding the dynamics of reputation and gossip, and their effects on individuals, groups and communities. I am also interested in understanding how cooperation can be sustained over time and across different contexts, like for instance in multi-level inter-organizational networks.

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